Gaming Marketing Vocabulary

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All forms of marketing require effective communication, both internally and externally.

Gaming marketing is no different.

Where understanding gaming marketing vocabulary is more than memorizing terms; it’s about employing language and concepts necessary to develop and execute effective gaming strategies.

That said, here’s the six-part vocabulary explainer series covering everything brands and marketers need to know!

What is a video game? Explainer #1

Terms covered:

  • Game system
  • Gameplay
  • Gaming

What is a video game? Explainer #2

Terms covered:

  • Game experience
  • Gaming moments and emotions
  • Game Feel

What is a video game? Explainer #3

Terms covered:

  • In-game experience
  • Around game experience
  • Away from game experience

What is gaming marketing? Explainer #4

Terms covered:

  • Gaming marketing
  • Endemic gaming marketing
  • Non-endemic gaming marketing

What is a gaming campaign? Explainer #5

Terms covered:

  • Gaming campaign
  • Gaming audience
  • Game experience touchpoint

What is the gaming community? Explainer #6

Terms covered:

  • Game community
  • Gaming behavior
  • Gaming community

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